What I Learned From The Teen Vogue & Warby Parker Panel Discussion

On Tuesday night, I attended the Warby Parker and Teen Vogue chat. It was such a cool and inspiring event! The co-founder and co-CEO of Warby Parker, Neil Blumenthal and the editor in-chief of Teen Vogue, Elaine Welteroth spoke about their personal career journies and gave key advice to those in the audience.These type of informal events are always so great for me because it helps me stay motivated and inspired during the work week. Let’s just say that when I left, I decided to take charge on a few pending projects that I managed to push into the back of my mind. Keep reading for my top 3 key takeaways from the event!

No one’s Journey is PERFECT

I can’t express how much pressure we feel from society to have the perfect life. Well, it’s unattainable sis. No one has a perfect journey and no one has a perfect life. We all have that “figuring it out” stage – and that’s fine. Elaine talked about how she had no clue what she wanted to do with her career – she just knew that she loved making collages and writing. She didn’t know that one day she would be editor in-chief of a huge magazine. Despite the bumps and uncertainty in her journey, she never stopped working hard.

There is ALWAYS Someone Rooting For You

You might be at your desk right now wondering if all of your hard work even gets noticed. You might be thinking that no one pays attention and no one knows your worth. WRONG. There is always someone paying attention to the work and energy that you’re putting into the universe. For Neil, it was his two friends turned business partners who always had his back. For Elaine, it was Eva Chen (Head of Partnerships for Instagram), who was so moved by her work ethic that when she left Teen Vogue as their beauty director to be the EIC of Lucky, the first person she went to was Elaine for the job! You never know who admires you, and you never know what opportunities can arise from it. Just always be on your A game.

Don’t Forget Those Who Have Helped In Your Journey

I think that often times we get lost in where we are in life, that we forget about those who helped us get there. Remember those interns, your co-workers…anyone who has added positive value in your career. Remembering who helped you along the way tends to humble you every time. You might need them again, or might be able to help them in the long-run.


I hoped I gave you the motivation you need to finish out the week!

xo, Britney


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