[VIDEO] I Got My Eyebrows Microbladed for the First Time!

So, a thing happened this weekend – that thing being that I got my eyebrows microbladed (crazy right)! This experience was definitely a first for me, and I was extremely nervous and excited at the same time.

Let me tell you though, the experience was nothing short of amazing. I received the service from Daly of Brow Studio NJ, and she was so sweet and professional. She talked me through the whole process from start to finish, making sure that I was comfortable with everything she was doing – from the shaping of my brows to the filling.

I will be honest, it did hurt a bit for me because I’m a baby, but I was able to tolerate the pain because it was almost equivalent to getting my tattoos. If you aren’t used to pain, then I would recommended you to do the full 45 minutes of numbing to ensure that you don’t feel anything during your appointment.The whole process took about 3 hours, with a bulk of the time being for outline and shaping the brows to make sure they were perfect before starting the actual microblading.

What I loved is that Daly really took her time to make sure things were exactly the way I wanted.

Check out my microblading experience below:

Check out Brow Studio NJ here.

Have you ever gotten your brows microbladed? How was your experience?

If you haven’t, make sure you do your research before jumping right into it!

so, B

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