Oversized Grey Sweater & Over The Knee Boots

This past weekend has been above and beyond…nothing short of amazing — Mya and I ventured out and really tapped into our creative energies. When it freezing outside it can be easy to be lazy and unproductive, but we fought against it and persevered! With work and everything else going on, it’s been hard for me to keep on track with my blog schedule, but I’m back and I can’t wait to end this year with a bang with you guys!

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Androgynously Yours [facing your fears]

This weekend I really put my fears aside, and ventured out into the city alone. Now, I love doing things alone. I’m the type of person who enjoys spending time by myself and being able to work on/do things that I love. But I will say that this was my first weekend going to an event in the city by myself without my roommate(s). I survived, and I realized that there are some things you’re going to have to do alone. You shouldn’t be scared to take the risk. It’s all about character building and getting to know yourself.

Well, I found my way to the Aaliyah Jay Meet and Greet in Harlem, NY! She held a back-to-school event for all of her supporters at the The Vanity Box Boutique.

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Denim Adventures

I apologize in advance guys, but this week’s blog posts will be centered around my weekend in Houston, TX! Of course starting with a fashion post. For the past couple of weeks I’ve stumbled upon some amazing items that I just had to have, with this outfit being high up on my list.

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