Remaining Acne-Free with Alba Botanica®

When it comes to what’s important to me, taking care of my skin is definitely up there! We live in a world where we’re so focused on our next move that sometimes we forget to do the little things like removing our makeup after a long day or paying attention to the ingredients in the products we’re using. In any case, although my days never seem to get less hectic, I always make sure I give my skin a little TLC at the end of the day. Preventing breakouts and acne is something I’m always trying to do, which was why I was excited to learn about Alba Botanica®‘s Acnedote™ skincare regimen!

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Keeping It Fresh with Summer’s Eve®

The following is sponsored by Summer’s Eve®, however the opinions are my own.

As working women, we tend to get so overwhelmed and tired from the day that we go home, eat dinner (or whatever we can find in our fridge) and most likely end up falling face first into our beds. I’m one to admit that I do this most nights, but in the back of my mind I know that ideally I should be walking through my self-care routine. Taking 30-45 minutes to wash myself clean of the day.

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My Night Time Routine with Moonlit Skincare

Working a 9-5pm job, and still trying to maintain your side-hustle can be tough. I know I’m not the only one who wishes there were more hours in a day to fully complete everything on your to-do list. What I have learned is that throughout the rough hours and the constant workload, it’s extremely important to add in some time for self-care. If you aren’t taking care of yourself then it’s easy for you to self-destruct. Check out how I tend to unwind at the end of the day, and how implementing Moonlit Skincare has played a huge role in making sure I’m relaxed and at ease.

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