How To Use Your Sunday To Prepare For A New Week

Doesn’t it seem like your weeks sometimes fly by, and you can’t even think back on what you actually accomplished? You know you have a list of tasks that need to get done, but are you really reaching the milestones you need to that will help you get to the next level?

I know how it feels to not be able to answer those questions…but let me help you! Beginning my week with a solid plan and organized mindset has really helped me to measure my success – which can be measured differently by others. Keep reading for my tips and tricks on how to stay organized throughout the week, and avoid a stressful start to your Monday.

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On The Go: Top 4 Beauty Items I Keep in my Bag

When you’re a busy girl, you just need things in your bag for those “just in case” situations! There are times when you’re in a rush or a situation occurs, and all of a sudden you remember that you kept that top coat in your purse for when your polish messes up or that you kept that lipstick in your bag for that unplanned night on the town. Either way, it’s really important to have your go-to items on you just in case the unexpected occurs.

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Planning to Win in 2017: Changing Your Attitude

Happy Wednesday lovely people! I know you don’t really receive this many blog posts from me in one week, but I definitely had a lot on my mind so I wanted to share it with you guys. After my recent conversation with my best friend Hope, I started to think – if we were given all of the things that we pray, beg and wish for would we really be ready to receive it? There have been countless amounts of times where I find myself saying, “Well if I had (blank) I would be ten times happier” OR “I want to do (blank) by the time I’m this age”. Why do we do that to ourselves? Why do we set a limit?

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