Coffee Shop Chit Chats + Fashion Finds

There’s so much more to life than what’s in front of you now…is what I’m trying to train myself to say everyday. The journey is made up of everything you’ve been through, everything you’ve survived and everything you’ve lived to tell. Over the past week, I’ve really thought about how far I’ve come as a person, as a woman…and I must say, I’m not completely where I want to be yet, but man am I really getting there! To become whole mentally, spiritually and physically is no easy task — it’s all about getting to know yourself, knowing your worth…and most times not taking no for an answer, especially in the situations where you know you deserve it all and then some.

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Leaving It All Behind

This past weekend I went to Central Park with my roomie/friend Mya for a picnic with a few of her co-workers. This was my first time going to Central Park, and let me just say it looks exactly the way it’s displayed in the movies. It gives you fun, romantic vibes…especially with it being fall. There were so many people out enjoying the wonderful weather we had in NY. The weather didn’t last long FYI. Shortly after the beautiful 70 degree day there was a thunderstorm…but that’s neither here nor there.

I was able to capture the beauty a little bit, along with my picnic attire.

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Fall With A Hint Of Peach

This past weekend was nothing short of amazing. I got to finally be a tourist in my new city, and explore every artsy part of New York I could find. I realized a lot this weekend…one of the things being that home isn’t necessarily a place. Home can be a person…home can be whatever makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Home is what you make it to be. This relates to so many aspects of life. Too often we get caught up in trying to label everything, but very seldom we reevaluate how it makes us feel.

It’s a lot like the seasons. Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate other things/pieces that make you feel good. On my trip to the Bronx to visit the Botanical Garden, I tapped into my balance: what makes me feel and how it makes me feel.

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