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Hi beauties! Before the year ended, I was able to rock a pair of new FLOWER Eyewear specs, and it made me think about why I started wearing glasses to begin with, and how much things have changed since I was a kid. I remember being in 1st grade, and having to wear glasses that my mom and I picked out. Let me just tell you that I was not the biggest fan of them back then. They were wired and round – making me feel very “uncool.” Did I even know what cool was in 1st grade? I’m not even sure, but I did know that I felt that way! Over time, glasses really evolved from being “uncool” to the coolest trend ever. While I was too busy trying to ditch my glasses, kids were lying to their parents just so they could get glasses! Weird, right? But now in my adult years glasses have become such a huge part of my life and my personal style. Keep reading to find out why.

These days I’m more out there with the pairs of glasses that I receive, which is why I fell in love with FLOWER Eyewear. All of their glasses are so unique and vibrant, allowing you to find a pair that you identify with the most. For the ones I’m rocking, they’re a classic shape, but the print is amazing! It has marble details, and we all know how I love the marble trend right now.

I feel like glasses have become the perfect accessory for me to express how I’m feeling that day. They’ve also helped me to stand out more and try new things. For example, 3 years ago I probably wouldn’t have even dared to try clear framed glasses, but now I own a pair and I’m completely obsessed. Glasses really help you transform and step out of your comfort zone, while of course allowing you to see clearly (which is VERY important, haha).

Check out photos from my favorite pair of glasses from FLOWER Eyewear below:

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