Slowly Falling For You

Guys! I can’t believe I missed a week of blogging — it’s been pretty hectic my way, as I am constantly brainstorming new content to give you all. Being a blogger always is a constant battle between quality and quantity. Sure, I can give you content every week, but will it be 100%? I always want to make sure it is, so I’m back and I’m better with some new fashion looks that I hope will brighten your day!

Day Time Shine

For this shoot I wanted to display a casual look that could easily transition into a night time, date night look by just a slight change of shoes. Sometimes when you’re on the go, you don’t have time to pack a million outfits that you could potentially change into. I know for me riding the train everywhere in New York, I don’t want to carry around a giant bag when I’m heading to events, or out with friends. I’d rather just carry a change of shoes and be on my way!

This dress came from Zara, and it’s the perfect transition fabric for this fall breeze we’re finally getting. It adds a sporty feel, which is why for the casual look I decided to pair it with my light blue Stan Smith Adidas. The patches on the dress have a touch of light blue, so it ended up matching perfectly.


Muted colors really make my day, because they can really transition into any season. Some may think that baby blue or light blue can only be a spring/summer color, but it really depends on what you pair it with.

Color combos are everything ladies. Remember, your favorite color doesn’t stop being your favorite color just because the season changed! Find alternative ways to make it work. You can still style it, and make it work for the current season despite popular beliefs.

Find What Works

Ok, so I definitely had to pull out my red BCBG heels to really make the date night transition pop! I love these heels because they complement the look so well. There’s not a lick of red in my outfit, but the way it balances out the light blue just warms my heart.

It’s all about finding a balance and seeing what works for you. Style is something you acquire over time. You really never find your style if you don’t seek what inspires you to begin with. Look around, don’t just be complacent and shop at the same stores all the time. I found myself shopping at all of these fast-fashion stores, and not really venturing out and seeing what else is out there.

Use social media to educate yourself. Follow new brands. There’s so many trends out there that you could easily latch onto, but is that you?


My challenge to you this week: Find 3 new brands on social media to follow and open yourself to be inspired to what they have to offer. You never know, you might revamp your whole wardrobe with your newly found look!


Photographer: @SunBLVD // Location: Brooklyn, NY

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