Reclaiming My Time: 5 Ways To Regain Your Power

Hi beauties! I’m back, and I cant’ believe that it’s November. Wow – it literally feels like I was just making a blog post about how to slay 2018 and now it’s almost over. Anyway. I felt so compelled to come on here and share with you guys how over the past few months I’ve been “reclaiming my time” and really getting back the power I knew I had deep down all alone. It’s so easy to go through the motions of life and forget why you’re doing something, and sometimes even forgetting who you are and who you stand for as as person. Before the year ends, we need to address it and get back out why (and our power),

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Back to the power…

Reclaiming your time and regaining your power is all about being honest with yourself and honing in on where all of your focus is going and why. When I sat back to think about my time, it was simple – I was spending a lot of it stressing about my career and my future. Worrying about the next steps literally can drive you insane, and sis you can’t live like that! I came up with a few ways that I felt would help me with my time management and make me feel powerful again. Check them out below.

  1. Less worrying, more enjoying life
  2. Less stressing over the future, more being present in the now
  3. More books and podcasts, less reality tv
  4. More journaling and praying, less anxiousness
  5. More carefully selecting items and pieces that inspire and empower me, less of buying things just to fill a temporary void

What are some things that you do to help regain your power and get back on the right track?

Comment below!


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