Planning To Win in 2018: What You Should Know

Hi guys! Wow, can you believe that we only have two and a half weeks left until 2018? It all feels so surreal, yet I’m super excited to start a new year with goals and dreams to accomplish. I did this “Planning To Win” series last year, and I really wanted to continue since I feel that at the end of the year it’s important to figure out how you will win in the following year. Although you might not accomplish all of the things that you have on your list to do, the more important thing is even having a list to begin with. The more you feel prepared to start a new year, the more drive you will have to really stick to those goals and see them through! Keep reading for helpful ways you can plan to WIN for 2018.

  1. Get a notebook/planner – There’s nothing like starting the year off fresh with a new planner to help you stay organized. Organization is really big for me, so having something that helps me plot out off of the important dates/times are great.
  2. Schedule alerts in your phone – Although having a notebook/planner is helpful, what happens if you accidentally leave it at home? Setting alerts in my phone has served as my second “wake-up call,” helping me to stay on track with what needs to be done for the week.
  3. Follow up AND follow through – one of the things I really had to work on last year was following up with the contacts that I made from networking events. As you’re closing the year, take the time to look through the contacts you made and arrange coffee or a meeting in 2018. There’s nothing like re-connecting and building your network.
  4. Write down 5 micro goals and 5 macro goals – I feel like there are times where we write down a whole list of goals and dreams, but aren’t being realistic with ourselves on whether or not we really see ourselves accomplishing these things given the time frame. Writing down five small goals and five larger goals will really help you get the start you need. If you feel you are breezing through those goals mid-way through the year, then you’ll know that it’s time to create more!
  5. Don’t make your goals all about career advancement, create goals that surround personal advancement as well – It’s understandable that excelling in our career is important to us, but what about the other factors that help you operate on a day-to-day? Don’t forget about goals for your personal health and well-being. These are just as important as the goals you have for your career path.

How are you planning to win in the new year? Comment below!

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Have a great week guys! xo

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