Planning to Win in 2017: Changing Your Attitude

Happy Wednesday lovely people! I know you don’t really receive this many blog posts from me in one week, but I definitely had a lot on my mind so I wanted to share it with you guys. After my recent conversation with my best friend Hope, I started to think – if we were given all of the things that we pray, beg and wish for would we really be ready to receive it? There have been countless amounts of times where I find myself saying, “Well if I had (blank) I would be ten times happier” OR “I want to do (blank) by the time I’m this age”. Why do we do that to ourselves? Why do we set a limit?

If you’re as organized and planned out as me, then you know why you do this – to keep yourself on track and provide something that gives you a continual push. You do it in fear of not reaching your full potential. But after long thinking sessions and Joel Osteen, I realized that if I were given all of the things that I constantly asked for instead of trusting my path and direction, then I wouldn’t be able to fully succeed. I wouldn’t be equipped with maybe the knowledge, resources or experiences that I might need to push me to the next level. And would I really be happy? There are so many factors, but I say all of this to say:


Use reverse psychology on yourself!

Focus on the pros instead of the cons, and watch your mindset shift tremendously! I use to think to myself that my actions would change when my situation was better, but you shouldn’t wait that long. Once you start changes your actions, then you start to see your direction moving in the path that you were hoping.

We have to change our internal to change our external. We have to change out mindset – what we think is what we become!

So this year, 2017…I challenge you to plan to win! Repeat to yourself each day that there are no other options besides the option to succeed, optimize, grow and execute!

I can’t wait to keep you all updated on my journey this year. I hope you share yours with me as well.

Have a great week guys! xo

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