Parisian Flare with City Girl Looks

I feel like the weekend has been calling my name since the last weekend – does anyone else feel that way? Ladies, we have survived a long week, so go out today and celebrate! As of late, I’ve been itching for a vacation and to get away from the city for a bit. Knowing that my vacation won’t be until March, I decided to add some Parisian vibes to be OOTD look – bringing some Paris inspired flare into these NYC streets!

For this look, I decided to rock a white and black classic striped shirt – as stripes are my favorite and I find they complement just about any outfit you’re trying to pull off. With that top, I couldn’t wait to bust out my pink corduroy pants from Zara. Guys, the zipper details in these pants are phenomenal. It gives just the right amount of accent to really add some originality to the piece. For my other accent pieces, I decided to wear my camel blazer from J. Crew along with my beret hat that my boyfriend gave me.





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Have a great week guys! xo

Photographer: Crystal Cox | @TheMusingEye // Location: New York

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