NYFW: Zula Studio SS18 Runway Show

Hi beauties! I think it’s safe to say that I’ve finally FULLY recovered from NYFW 2017. Wow, the experience was truly amazing, and it makes me see that I’m really growing as a blogger. Being able to see all of these inspiring shows are humbling – which is why I’m always so excited to share my experiences with you guys.

On my last day of fashion week, I attended the Zula Studio SS18 Runway Show. The show was absolutely beautiful, and executed so nicely. This collection titled “DDD: Divine Destruction & Decay” really did a great job setting the tone of the show for the audience. It really made us feel like we were under the sea, giving us earth tone colors mixed with arrays of blue.

I definitely would have to say that the layered chunky sequins and sea foam color scheme worked well against the white and cream undertones. The whole collection just made you feel like you were a part of another world. Seeing new life for the first time.

With this being the first time I was introduced to the brand, I couldn’t help but to fall in love instantly. The brand really proves to serve “high quality clothes for the modern woman”. But it was a different look than “high quality”. Their items seemed to be very genderless and androgynous – which is what I loved most about it. I love the gender fluidity that has slowly been shaping not only the fashion industry, but beauty as well.

Check out a few photos from the show below:



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