#MyGirlStory: 10 Things I Wish I Knew Then

Hi beauties! I hope you’re having an amazing Sunday, and mostly importantly, I hope you’re enjoying your lovely mothers on today. First off, I want to thank Jasmine Diane of jasminediane.com for choosing me to join her #MyGirlStory campaign. If you aren’t familiar, this campaign is all about the things you wish someone told you about when you were younger. Whether it be to not sweat the small stuff or to focus on your goals no matter what – there are always things we wish we knew then that we know now. One of the main reason I wanted to join Jasmine on her campaign is because even though I can’t go back in time and tell the younger me these things, I can share what I’ve learned for someone who might need to hear it.

Unfortunately, we can predict the future, but what we can do is help others to not make the same mistakes or fall into the same traps that we did! Life is all about growing and glowing.


Check out the top 10 things I wish I knew then:

  1. Don’t worry so much – worrying only leads to stress and really doesn’t resolve anything.
  2. What’s meant for you will always be for you – this ties into worrying as well, but I found myself trying to predict the future and how things would turn out. All you can do is live in the current and pray for the best!
  3. Friends come and go – yes, sometimes people are only meant to be in your life for a season. Don’t try too hard to understand where things went wrong. If someone is supposed to be in your life then they will be.
  4. True love will find you – we spend so much time wanting companionship when we’re not even ready! So wait, breathe and take things step-by-step. When you’re ready for love, it will find you in the most unexpected way.
  5. Don’t sweat the little things – try to be patience and understanding. You’ll look up a year from now and wonder why you were crying over that ex-boyfriend or that test that you failed. The moments in life don’t define you – you always have a choice to be happy and look past the things you can’t control.
  6. Don’t pick at your flaws – YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. You don’t need social media or anyone to tell you this. This generation is so much about instant gratification, and it’s so sad but I’ve fallen prey to it as well. Just strive to be a better you. Everything in the inside is mirrored on the outside – if you feel down on yourself, it will show on the outside.
  7. You can’t change people – let others show you who they are and accept it. Move on. You get to choose whether you want to deal with them or not.
  8. Don’t be afraid to tackle things alone – I think we connect being alone with being lonely, but that’s not a real thing! For a whole summer I really spent time to myself, and some of my greatest ideas blossomed from that time. Get to know yourself – your true self.
  9. Not everyone will like you – and this won’t even be because of something you did directly. It could be because they’re jealous. It could be because they haven’t accepted who they are. Just do you, and try not to stress about it.
  10. Focus on your goals – literally everything else will fall into place. You couldn’t have told me this when I was younger, but now I know that this is truer than ever.


What do you wish you can tell your younger self? Join the #MyGirlStory campaign! You never know who might need your words of wisdom.

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