My Current Favorite Natural Lip Products for Hydration

Finding lips products that I can truly stick with is a task for me. I feel like I always like something, and then it does “its thing”, then my lips get immune to it and I stop using it. Does anyone else go through this weird cycle or is it just me? Any who, over the past month I’ve been using the same lips products to help with moistening and preventing dryness.  These products have really been my holy grail, and I’m so excited to share my thoughts on them!

If you’re looking for hydration + color:

Try the it Cosmetics ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’ Hydrating Color Awakening Lip Treatment in “ROSE”. This has really been my go-to when I just want a natural color to help keep my lips moisturized throughout the day.


If you’re looking for glossy-ness + moisture:

Try the Fenty Beauty lip gloss in “Fenty Glow”. This gloss is truly universal, and works great for all lip shades. It’s in a shimmering rose nude, and is perfect for adding the perfect balance to your everyday work look. The fact that it smells like heaven is just an added bonus!


If you’re looking for plump-ness + glossy:

Try the Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme in the “High Shine finish”. When I want to add more fullness to my lips without the help of a lip liner – my go-to is definitely this gloss! A little bit definitely goes a long way with this products, so you don’t have to over-do it to see results.


If you’re looking for hydration + nude color:

Try the Burt Bee’s Lipstick in “Blush Basin”. I love this when I have surprise meetings and I need to add a lip color quickly. Having this in my bag is definitely essential. It doesn’t leave my lips feeling dry at all, which is another reason why I love this lip product so much.


What are your favorite lip products for hydration during the fall/winter? Comment below!

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