Muted Pink Puffer Coat Vibes

As it gets colder outside, I feel that it’s hard to balance being fashionable and yet staying warm at the same time. Luckily, I fell in love with this amazing puffer coat from River Island that helped me keep in line with my personal style, while also combating this New York winter! Although this coat is warm, what I fell in love with the most was the color. This muted pink vibe has definitely become my go-to as of late, which is so funny to me because normally my wardrobe doesn’t have much color. I find that recently I’m adding more pops of pink into my closet, and I don’t mind one bit!

I decided to keep the focus on the coat for this look, and creating an all-around sporty chic vibe (which is my favorite vibe ever). I wore a Nike training shirt (from the bf), high-waisted ripped jeans (from Forever 21), fishnet stocking underneath the jeans (from Aldo) and my current favorite black boots (from






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Have a great week guys! xo

Photographer: Crystal Cox | @TheMusingEye // Location: New York

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