Money Talks: How to Get What You Want

We watch these movies, and even shows, that make it seems like we must be overly aggressive to get what we want – bashing co-workers, stepping on toes, etc. Truth is, you don’t have to be overly anything. Now I will say that it’s very beneficial to speak up for yourself when need be, but sometimes being the loudest in the room doesn’t mean you’re the most knowledgeable. You must know when to draw certain lines, and when you need to fight your battles.

This topic always gets me because you read so many articles that make getting what you want sound like a piece of cake. Before you can even truly dive in you should analyze your work environment. Look at people around you who are moving up in the ranks. Ask yourself “how they might be doing that”? What have they been offering over the past few months that could have granted them such an increase? And if you’re close friends with them, you can always ask them for advice!

From there, is when you start adding yourself into the equation. Is there anything you can do better at work? Could you maybe stay 30 minutes later to finish a project, rather than holding it until the next day? Could you pop in your bosses’ office from time-to-time to see if she needs help with anything? These factors play a huge role in getting what you want in the workplace. It’s these factors that make people want to take a chance on your abilities.

For me, I know that asking for more (even when I already have a lot on my plate) makes me look like an effective team player, and an even greater asset within the workplace. You should be HUNGRY for more. Do you have downtime at work? If so, how are you filling in those gaps? Are you choosing to work on the next project or browse the internet? Yeah…a lot to think about right.

Also, it’s always great to record your efforts. Take note! This will work out in your advantage when you’re attempting to move up in the ranks. You’ll have hardcore facts and examples to back you up. And even if you aren’t rewarded immediately at work – don’t forget to reward yourself from time to time! It’s the trivial things that can keep you motivated to do better and to be BETTER.

How do you usually work to get what you want? Comment below some of your tactics!

Have a great weekend, beauties! Xo

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