Mid-Twenties Crisis: What’s Next?

Hi beauties! Happy Sunday – I hope your Labor Day weekend has been treating you well. As you know, I just turned twenty-five not too long ago, and I’m really starting to put life in a different perspective. It’s that perspective where you’re like “wait, I’m five years away from thirty” mixed in with the other mindset of “wait, I have so much time to still live my dreams”. Being pulled in both directions get really stressful sometimes, because you want to be an adult and have things figured out – but also you don’t want to settle just because you feel time is running out.

These past few months have been crazy, as I’m managing my 9-5, alongside my passion – BLOGGING. It’s the thought of creating something that’s bigger than me that keeps my passion alive, but not being able to fully live out my passion because of pay has really been stressful for me. I have many thoughts about discontinuing my passion to just go full force in my 9-5, but I’m here to tell you that it’s very possible to do BOTH. Don’t let the mid-twenties crisis make you think that it’s too late for you to live out your destiny. Don’t let the mid-twenties crisis make you settle for that 9-5 slot when you know the universe has bigger plans for you.

It’s normal.

Excerpt from Vice:

According to Karin Peeters, life coach and psychologist, a mid-20s crisis is essentially being held in the grips of prolonged decision-making stress. “Some people respond by freezing and being unable to take action; others respond with flight, a.k.a. just leaving the job, leaving the partner, or the city,” she says. “And the third response is fight, or ‘I’m going to work harder, and go to the gym, and do everything I can to achieve something, anything.'”

I would say that my response has been to work harder. I signed up for kickboxing. I’ve been going to the gym more to remain active and focused. I’ve been putting my all into my work, my craft, my goals, my dreams. I’ve been finding events to attend. I’ve been purposely putting myself out there MORE. I refuse to let my thoughts tear me down from being the greater version of myself.

Change your concept of time. Don’t let it change you. It’s very hard when you see all of these things that you think you’re supposed to be doing right now, but what’s for you will be for you.

Stay on the path of your journey. It’s easy to stray, but trust me – when it’s destiny, you’ll always find your way back.

I hope this has helped you in some way! Being in your 20’s is tough – but if you focus on constantly moving forward, nothing can stop you. Not even yourself.


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Have a great week guys! xo

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  1. Love this❤️. I called it a quarter life crisis, and I think everyone goes through it. It’s good to know we are not alone!

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