Melanited Magic: Tuxedos, Toast & Trap

This past weekend I explored New York a bit, and networked for an amazing cause. A few girlfriends and I went to the Tuxedos, Toast and Trap Brunch at The Madison Square Tavern hosted by The New Stereotype. If you aren’t familiar with The New Stereotype, then you should be. This group of gals and guys come from diverse background to redefine the image of a black man/woman. Diversity is highlighted in every aspect — from career paths to skin tones, everything is built to elevate and empower the misconstrued imagery of being a hardworking black woman and man in this world.

Not only was this event surrounded by so much positivity and love, but there was tons of food and bottomless mimosa’s involved that topped off the festivities of the day!


Sunday’s are usually my days to chill and think about everything I need to get done for the week, but I decided that networking was much more important. Plus, who would turn down mimosa’s after a hard week of work? Not me!

I decided to wear my white v-neck classic skater dress from AKIRA, paired with my mermaid-like clutch and heels from J. Crew. My obsession with my heels and clutch is real. If I could, I would wear these statement items everywhere.

For jewelry, I kept it pretty simple and just wore my bold necklace from J. Crew with my MK watch of course.

Presentation is Key



I’ve learned from a lot of networking events that you shouldn’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Move around, mingle with others. I’m still slowly learning how to do that, but once I get started it’s hard for me to stop. I think most times we just wait around for people and things to come to us, instead of really going for it.

I vow that for the rest of 2016, and going forward, that I’ll put myself out there more, and set out to meet new people. You never know who you’ll run into, especially in such a big city like New York. Just make sure you always have your business cards and elevator pitch ready!

Did you do anything fun this weekend? Comment below!

Outfit Details

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  1. Hi Britney, I hope you’re well. I am Marquelle Turner-Gilchrist and I am the Creator and Creative Director of The New Stereotype (TNS). I personally just wanted to thank you for coming to our first event and coming along with friends. I hope that you had a great time. I noticed this morning after looking on the TNS Instagram that you wrote a blog post and it is what led me here. I’m so grateful when people embrace the project and understand it comes from a place of love. From reading what I read, I can tell that you understand it. Thank you again and have a great day!

    1. Thanks so much for reading! I truly appreciate it. And no problem at all! I’m always willing and ready to support. Can’t wait until the next event for sure!

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