The Launch of My New Podcast: The Female Millennial

Hi guys! I’ve been working up a storm, trying to be as innovative as possible. I’ve been wanting to launch my own podcast for about some time now. I had the name already and the theme…but the only thing that was missing was the PLAN. When I wanted to launch it, what I wanted the first few topics to be about – you know, all of the overthinking and less of the doing. Well, I’m proud to announce that ‘The Female Millennial‘ officially launched yesterday morning with my very first episode!

Episode one is all about fighting your fears and living life with no regrets. I chat about my experience moving to a new city, and the obstacles I had to fight from within to take that leap of faith. It wasn’t easy, but looking back two years now I can definitely say it was worth it.

Not only are you able to listen to my podcast on Soundcloud, but it’s also been approved on iTunes as well! Grab yourself a cup of coffee, tea, matcha…whatever it is you prefer, along with your notebook and enjoy my first ever podcast episode!

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