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The following is sponsored by Summer’s Eve®, however the opinions are my own.

As working women, we tend to get so overwhelmed and tired from the day that we go home, eat dinner (or whatever we can find in our fridge) and most likely end up falling face first into our beds. I’m one to admit that I do this most nights, but in the back of my mind I know that ideally I should be walking through my self-care routine. Taking 30-45 minutes to wash myself clean of the day.

Making time for your self-care routine instead of making a beeline to your comfy bed might seem like a hard habit to break, but we can’t forget how important taking care of our bodies truly is. Despite those long days at the office, you have to take care of yourself inside and out.

It’s not just about removing your makeup at the end of the night, or making sure you’re eating a balanced meal. It’s also about personal hygiene, and making sure you’re really taking care of the most important parts of your body. When you feel good you look good – and vice versa!

I was so excited when I received these new products by Summer’s Eve ® because feminine hygiene is such an essential part of our day-to-day lives – especially for the working women who are always on the go.

I was able to try the below products from their new Simply line, and trust me – they did not disappoint! The products were the:

If you aren’t familiar with Summer’s Eve® , they really do a great job in leading the conversation in feminine hygiene. They understand how women feel about their bodies and make sure that we continue to feel confident and fresh when it comes to feminine hygiene. Their products are meant to boosts freshness, which we know is important when we’re constantly on the go during the day.

Although feminine hygiene can still be an uncomfortable topic for most, I think it’s great that brand’s like Summer’s Eve® are making sure that the topic is worked into daily conversations as well as being essential in our day-to-day acts of self-care. What’s even more amazing is that their products serve great benefits by being free from Dyes, Parabens and Alcohol, as well as ensuring it balancing our natural pH.

How will you change your current post-work routine to make sure self-care is priority? Comment below! Also make sure to purchase Summer’s Eve® products from your local stores.

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