Just Brew It: Life Happens, Coffee Helps

We finally made it to Friday loves! If you were wondering, this is how my days usually go: Wake up around 6:45am/7am, rush through my closet for something to wear, hop in the shower, brush my teeth then run out the door grabbing everything I’ll need for the day. Yeah, it’s pretty much a world wind in the mornings – and let’s not add in the days where I’m up at 6am because I need to record a podcast or schedule a newsletter. Life has been so hectic these days guys, and I’m always waking up wondering how I’m going to survive the day – but after a cup of something warm (whether that be a coffee, espresso, matcha, etc) I feel 100% ready to tackle anything that is thrown at me.

This post is sponsored by Dunkin’ and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make The Britney Diaries possible!

This might sound terrible to you, but everyday I consume a cup of coffee or an espresso and I feel so great afterwards. It’s the perfect start to my mornings, especially when I know I’m in for a crazy work day dealing with all of the changes that come as a beauty marketing girl. If I’m not able to make a cup in the morning and chill at my apartment, then I’m running out to find the nearest Dunkin’ before getting my day started and heading to the office.

Dunkin’ is not only down the street from my apartment, but it’s down the street from my office in Midtown as well – coincidence, I think not! Even growing up, it played such a large part of my college life. Taking breaks from studying to head to the nearest Dunkin’ when the University cafe was closed, to my graduate studies when I was commuting back and forth from the campus in Chicago – no matter where I am, I know I can always depend on a Dunkin’ to be right around the corner.

What helps you get your day started in the mornings? Comment below! Also, be sure to give the new Dunkin’ handcrafted lattes and cappuccinos a try at your nearest location.

Photographer: Crystal Cox | @TheMusingEye

themusinglens.com // Location: New York



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