How To Stay On The Wellness Track

Hi beauties! I really can’t believe it’s March already. As the year goes on, I know how hard it can get to stay on track with your fitness and wellness goals. I’m definitely one of those people who goes hard for a month, and then get sucks into the complexities of life (unfortunately). I figured out that it is very possible to stay on track with you wellness and fitness goals without even trying that hard or over thinking it! Keep reading for my tips and experience on how I’m currently achieving this.

Wellness is usually not an area I stress too much about because when you think about it too hard then it starts to feel like a job and not something you genuinely care about. For me, the easiest thing to do is to find the things that I like and incorporate them into my daily routine as much as possible!

One way I stay on top of my wellness needs is making sure that I have a well-rounded diet. You don’t have to be strict on yourself to be healthy. I try to eat better during the week, and I give myself the weekends to indulge in the “un-healthy” things – like burgers, pizza, etc. The goal is to find a balance. Another thing that helps me with this is not stress eating or eating because it’s right in front of me. You have to have self-control when it comes to your eating habits or else it becomes easy to steer away from them.

Another way I stay on the wellness track is making sure I’m drinking lots of water and lots of green tea. Because I’m an avid coffee drinker, it’s important for me to make sure I’m consuming other liquids to balance it out. Water, as we all know, helps us in all areas – our skin, our energy, our immune system…literally all areas. Buy yourself a cute cup that motivates you to drink more of it. I found that when I’m drinking water from a straw or water bottle I’m more prone to actually finishing it than when it’s from a glass cup. But don’t just focus on water, find other drinks you like too that are beneficial to your body – like green tea or Matcha!


The last way that I make sure I’m staying within the wellness lifestyle rim is making sure I’m active at least two times a week! I’ve been able to do this by looking on Groupon for yoga or pilates classes near me. Not only am I receiving a deal off from these classes, but I’m able to switch up my workout routine and try new things! I recently found a Groupon for a month’s worth of hot yoga, hot pilates and barre classes, and ended up going at least twice a week, which did a lot for my body and my mind.

How do you make sure that wellness is a part of your daily routine? Comment below!

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