How To Rock Flare Wide Leg Pants In 2017

Hi lovelies! I’m back at it again with more fashion posts for you. This one in particular truly took me out of my comfort zone. Being tall and slim, I’ve always worried about clothing that elongated me more. I tried to stay as far away from those trends as possible, but when I saw this denim jumpsuit on I decided to go for it!

Now, I know you’re thinking “You just wore a jumpsuit for your birthday. What makes this one so different?” This jumpsuit not only features a halter neckline, but it has criss cross lacing in the back that brings out all kind of sexiness! On top of that, it’s a wide flare leg jumpsuit as well – which, if you’ve been following fashion trends of 2017, has made its way back from the 70s.

Because this jumpsuit really spoke for itself, I decided to keep accessories super simple by wearing my diamond stud earrings and clear sunglasses that I purchased from a street market in NYC. The focus was really showcasing the gorgeous, yet trendy designs of the outfit.

If you’re nervous like I was about rocking wide legged pants, keep reading for my tips below!

  1. Make sure the overall style of the pant/jumpsuit aligns with your preference – getting out of your comfort zone takes time. Don’t rush yourself by wearing something COMPLETELY opposite from what you normally would. Find elements that you love, along with elements that you want to try. Then go for it!
  2. Don’t get discouraged by the length  – Even with me being tall, the jumpsuit was a little bit long on me. If this happens to you, don’t be so quick to get rid of it! There’s always a way around things – take it to get tailored or just find some elevating shoes to lessen the length.
  3. Try not to pair your wide legged pant or jumpsuit with a boxy shirt – You have to choose what item you want to be the statement. Wearing a boxy shirt or a shirt that’s TOO flowy could possibly take all the attention away from your new pants!


What style/trend have you tried lately to take you out of your comfort zone? Comment below! I hope my tips helped 🙂

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Have a great week guys! xo

Photographer: Crystal Cox | @TheMusingEye // Location: New York

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