Home For The Holidays 2017

Guys, I truly missed my family! New York isn’t that far away, but I was starting to feel the distance, which is how I knew it was time to visit my home. The last time I was in Chicago was to help my little brothers move into college about four months ago. FOUR MONTHS.

Let’s just say that I truly enjoyed going home for the holidays. I feel so recharged after visiting with family and friends – it feels like I can now tackle the New Year. Going home and spending time with my family/friends really helps to keep me grounded and reminds me of not only who I am, but where I came from. This time around meant so much to me because I was able to not only recharge with the energy I received from being home, but I was also able to share this energy with someone very special to me aka my lovely boyfriend. Keep scrolling for cute pics! 🙂


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