Home Equals Heart: Chi Bound

It’s been officially three months since moving to New York! This time is literally flying by, and I couldn’t let it continue without heading to Chicago to see my family and friends. Although I wasn’t able to do and see everyone that I wanted to, it was still nice being home. There’s nothing like being surrounded by genuine love and laughs. Completely warms my heart. On top of that, I was able to have quality cuddle time with our new pup, Supreme. I snapped a few moments! I hope you guys enjoy.

Friday & Saturday

The weather in New York on Friday was terrible! I mean…cold + rain is never fun. Another thing that’s never fun is having a delayed flight. My flight home went from being at 7:15pm to 10:40pm. Luckily, I was able to use the wi-fi at the airport for 30 minutes before having to pay for it. I was just happy to see my family after getting off the plane. Definitely made the wait worthwhile.

Saturday, I was the ultimate big sister, and went to support my brothers at their basketball game. Family time is always so important. It’s so easy to lose track of time and the connections that you have with others. Try to cherish those moments any time you get. Life isn’t as predictable as we may begin to think when living our day-to-day routine.


Many might not know, but last year my pup for 10 years passed away, so coming home to a new member of the family really might a lot to me! I have you guys know we cuddled and played the whole weekend. It took so much for me not to pack him up in my suitcase and bring him back to NY with me. He’s only 3 months right now, so I can imagine how big he’ll be when I come back home for the holidays!

Sunday Funday

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This weekend I also got to see what Three Dots & A Dash was all about! In all my years living in Chicago, I never got a chance to go. Usually it’s always super packed, so you have to make a reservation far in advance, but we got lucky. I went with my two friends, Crystal and Nina, and we just caught up on life and girl stuff, which was refreshing. I didn’t get a photo of the food I ate, BUT of course I got one of the drink. Definitely give it a thumbs up. If you’re ever in Chicago, you should go and experience it at least once!

Being away from friends and family can be tough, but it’s those moments you guys get together that make you cherish the bond even more!

I plan to do more traveling in 2017, so hopefully my next travel post will be a little bit more exciting and adventurous. Bare with me guys!


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