Finding Your Truth + Leading By Faith

Last weekend, I was grateful enough to attend the GirlBoss Rally in Los Angeles, hosted by the girlboss herself, Sophia Amoruso. If you aren’t familiar with Sophia, she’s the the founder of Nasty Gal and the creator of #GirlBoss, the best book ever turned into a community for women entrepreneurs all over. At the rally, I learned so much and took away so many gems that will definitely last me a lifetime. There were so many notes I wrote down from different panels that really made me think about my life and how far I’ve come. Even though I’ve come a long way, there’s still so much I want to accomplish!

Every now and then you can’t help but to get wrapped up in the ways of the world. You’re constantly in the state of “trying to figure it out” when really life is a never ending “trying to figure it out” moment. There is no way you’re going to have all of the answers – and that’s okay, as long as you remain true to yourself and your path. It’s very easy to get knocked off your path — especially when you’re in a world where everyone is updating you on their next move. You’re looking around and everyone has the “perfect” job or the “perfect” boyfriend.

It was so refreshing hearing all of the speakers talk about their journeys, and how they went through so many obstacles to get where they are today. Some of them battled addictions, and in some cases, lost the money, friends or even their company…but all of those redirections were exactly the slap they needed to get back on track. You have to have faith in your journey, even when the struggle is real. Having faith in the worst moments help to build you in more ways than you think. It’s the perseverance through tough times that show you what you’re made of.

You might not see it now, but you are exactly where you’re suppose to be, regardless of popular demand. There is a plan for you. There is a way through your current situation.

For now, just take things day by day. You don’t know what type of blessings are going to fall from the sky, and change your life for the better. Trust me, I know how it feels to think that nothing is going right, but it’s in those times where hearing someone reassure you that things will be fine, that you need it the most.


Hope you guys have an amazing week! xo

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