My Fearless Trip to Cancun

Hi guys! Long time no talk 😊

This past week has been amazing for me, as I just ended my vacation to Cancun on Tuesday. Ah, it was my first international trip, and I can’t help but feel so much joy from it. I went to Cancun, Mexico for my best friend’s 25th birthday and it was way more than I expected it to be. So much fun and excitement – I conquered about 4 fears just from that trip alone. Crazy, right? Want to know more about my fearless trip to Cancun? Keep reading!

I’ll start by saying I didn’t know how afraid I was of these things until it happened.

We found a deal for 4 excursions during our stay in Cancun, which included: horseback riding, zip lining through the jungle, ATV riding and zip lining through the water.

First up was the horseback riding. You know, when you’re seeing people horseback ride in movies and shows you just can’t help but think how fun and effortless it looks. Well, let’s just say that the moment I got on the horse I wanted to cry. So much fear raised in me – I didn’t even know I feared horses! With the ride being 25 minutes long I couldn’t help but think if I would be able to endure it. With the help of my friends and others that were on the excursion with us, I was about to conquer that fear and complete the horseback riding. Although I was nervous the whole time, I was very proud of myself for looking past my fear and realizing that I might not get an opportunity to do this again.

Advice #1: When you’re too afraid to do something, think to yourself if you would be cheating yourself of a once in a lifetime opportunity. If the answer is yes, then you know what you should do. Just go for it! The experience is always greater than the fear.

The next two experiences I will combine because they both have to do with zip lining! Yes, I zip lined through the jungle and through water. I’ll be the first to admit that I was terrified in the beginning, then by the end I was zip lining upside down – talk about a conquered fear! I’ve learned that in situations that scare you the most, it’s always better to do them in groups. I don’t know what I wouldn’t done if I didn’t have my best friend cheering me on. This is also why it’s great to travel with someone you trust.

Advice #2: If you are nervous about the experience, do it with your friends. There’s nothing better than sharing experiences with others. You’ll be able to not only support each other, but have fun doing it!




When it finally came to the ATV riding, my fears were already conquered. I would say by this point I was feeling FEARLESS and ready to tackle a new activity!


What are you afraid of, and how did you conquer it? Comment below!

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