Fashion Friday’s: Lavender for Spring

Well, guys Spring has finally SPRUNG! I’m so excited for the warm weather, and for the first time ever I think I’m actually excited for spring/summer fashion too. I’m usually the girl who thrives in fall/winter fashion, but I’ve been feeling more confident in my overall wardrobe that I’m just excited to try new trends and colors. Speaking of new trends, I’m going for pastels and neon this season, starting with a few lavender pieces I put together in my closet.

I really love how subtle lavender can be, even when you’re in it from head to toe. I paired my striped lavender and tan shirt from the WhoWhatWear Collection at Target with some lavender slacks from For accessories, I brought out my boyfriends brown hat that he purchased from ASOS, along with my round woven bag in lilac from Lulus as well. No better way to tie everything together than with a pair of white mules from Lulus as well.




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