Corduroy Midi Dress + Shearling Jacket

Let’s talk about how obsessed I’ve been with anything corduroy lately. I mean, at first I was scared to admit this but now I’m letting the world know (aka you guys) how much I love this corduroy trend and how I hope it never goes away. Thank you for listening to my Ted Talk…just kidding. But seriously, this has become one of my favorite fashion trends, as I have corduroy pants, dresses and hats at this point in my closet. Imagine my expression when I was just scrolling though Urban Outfitters site and saw this beautiful rust corduroy dress. I died.

I waited until this dress went on sell to make my move, and I’m so happy that I did! It was $10 cheaper than the original price, which is a small win for me. I immediately thought of ways I could wear this piece.

I decided to pair it with a black turtleneck that I purchased awhile ago from Forever 21. From there, I accessorized with my black boots from ZARA, along with my shearling jacket that I bought from ZARA earlier this year as well. Of course, I had to steal my boyfriends beret, as I normally do to finish the look. Thankfully, it came with a belt that complemented the look so I didn’t have to search for that, although when viewing on the UO site the model wore a black belt that looked just as chic!


How would you have put this look together? So curious to know! Also, what are your current favorite trends right now? Comment below.



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