Coffee Talk: How I Gained 1k+ on IG in One Month + Social Media Tips

Happy Wednesday loves! I’m always receiving questions about blogging and how to get started, but along side that I receive questions about social media and how to grow a brand. Growing on social media can be tough, especially when there are so many things that factor into it (i.e. your content, how often you post, what day/time you post, the IG algorithm, etc). I know that I’m constantly Googling ways that I can grow my platforms, because once you grow the more opportunities you’ll have for you brand. Want to know how I achieve growth for my social media channels and gained over 1,000 followers on IG in one month? Keep reading.

Last summer was when I realized that I needed to actually “try” in order to grow my social media channels. Before I would think that people would just wake up with a massive following (not really, but you know what I mean). So what did I do? I got serious and I did my research. I learned from a Forbes article that a few things are important when it comes to your growth on the various platforms:

  1. Your Content
  2. Your Goals
  3. Your Audience
  4. Your Engagement


I started with my content, which was actually really easy for me. I knew I wanted to produce more lifestyle heavy content relating to beauty, fashion and lifestyle tips…adding in some travel and other things that I enjoyed. But the main things for me were fashion and beauty. So how did I do this? I started attended networking events and putting myself in the rooms of those who also work on this kind of content. May of 2017 I attended an event and I ended up networking with the photographer of that event, and the next month she was helping me shoot photos for my blog. She’s been my photographer ever since, so she knows what I like and the type of content that I want to produce.

My advice: Narrow down your content and make friends with a talented photographer who trying to grow just like you are!


After narrowing down what I wanted my content to look like, I started to think about my goals. Now, I have all this content…what am I to do with it? I told myself in November of 2017 that by the end of the year I wanted to reach my goal of 6k+ followers, which would mean I would need to gain 1k followers in one month. I started engaging more with my current audience and those who I wanted to become a part of my audience. I started following people who I shared interests with. I continued to attend networking events. I joined blogger communities. I did all of these things, while continuing to post quality content, and guess what? I not only hit my goal, but I exceeded it.

My advice: Things will not just happen overnight. You have to work hard at it and remain active. Show people why they should follow you!


So you know your goals, right? Well know it’s time to get to know your audience! The Instagram Business Tool was really helpful in this case for me. It broke down that my audience is more than 60% women who are between the ages of 25-34. It also let me know that most of my audience live in Chicago or New York, with Atlanta. With this in mind, it helps me know who my content is speaking to, and who my content might not resonate with the most. Since I know that I am speaking to the female millennial, I make sure that my voice and tone relates more to them (my highest audience) rather than the 30% males on my TL.

My advice: Get to know your audience. Who are they? Once you figure this out, the more you will be able to identify their needs and likes.


Lastly, engagement is key. I remember thinking about how I wanted more likes and more comments on my posts, but how can I want something that I don’t work to give myself. Am I engaging with others on social media? The answer was that I wasn’t doing it as often as I wanted it to be done to me. So what did I do? I started engaging on content that I liked and related to. The more I engaged with my followers, the more they engaged with me. Once one of your followers engages with you, now you’re opening up to their audience in hopes that they will see your content and engage as well. Think about it – the more people respond to your post, the more others will see it.

My advice: Don’t be too proud to comment and like posts that you see. When you engage, you help to build a loyal community and following. This is the most organic and inexpensive way to grow your platform.


I hope that this article was really helpful for you, and made you think about a few things that play a part in your social media journey! Remember not to take it too seriously to the point where you obsess over it. Do everything is moderation, and just watch it flourish when you put in the work.

xo, Britney 

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