Coffee Talk: The Truth About Drive & Passion

Hi beauties! I’m back with a long awaited “coffee talk” for you guys, and this topic is something that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately – Drive and Passion. There’s a lot of factors that fuel our drive to purse our passion, goals and dreams but sometimes you just have to sit back and think about whether all of those factors are positive and true intentions. I believe that when we’re going about our day-to-day lives it becomes easy to just be so focused on the end goal that you don’t think about what’s fueling the energy to get there in the first place.

Personally, I know that the drive that fuels my passion is the want to do more and be better. The want to make my goals and dreams come to life. The want to really turn those dreams into a reality – but there are times when I find myself turning this journey into a race and competing for the end goal. With social media playing such a huge role in our society, it’s so easy to see what others our doing in your industry and creating a competition in your head with them. For example, you see a blogger or someone in your field doing all of these amazing things and you think to yourself that you need to be doing those amazing things too or else you’re not as good as that person.

As hard as it is to not compare, we do it anyway because we’re human. What’s important is to recognize when you’re doing it and to bring yourself back down to Earth.

I just saw a quote earlier today, and it read:

The reason why we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind the scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.

If this isn’t the truth then I don’t know what is! You can not take what you see on the surface and compare it to your personal journey. You don’t know what it took for them to be where they are today, or if what the person portrays is even their real reality.

This is why it’s so important to check yourself from time to time to see if what’s fueling your drive is POSITIVE and not the negative energy of competition, self-doubt and insecurity. Three ways to clear your mind and continue on the path of healthy drive towards your endeavors:

  1. Take a break from social media – Sure, it’s hard when you’re an “influencer” or “blogger” but the breaks don’t have to be long! Take a day or two to yourself and just hone in on your energy and your goals. Re-direct your self-doubt and do more things that make you feel good about your personal journey.
  2. Share your thoughts with you close family and friends – When you empty your mind of these thoughts you feel 10x better. Trust me, I know. Talking to my family, my friends and my boyfriend about how I’m feeling has really helped me to continue my journey and remember what the real fuel is behind my dreams.
  3. Accept that you are human – There is nothing wrong with having thoughts of self-doubt. It’s completely normal and it means that you actually care about being GREAT. Once you realize that everyone goes through this, then you don’t feel so alone.

How do you re-direct energy to make sure your drive and intentions for your passion remains positive? Commet below!

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  1. When I start feeling self-doubt I do my best to focus my attention on something more positive such as reading motivation blogs or simply listening or watching someone who is motivation for me! This is definitely one of go to’s when I’m feeling down and out and defeated!

  2. “I believe that when we’re going about our day-to-day lives it becomes easy to just be so focused on the end goal that you don’t think about what’s fueling the energy to get there in the first place.” 100% we often forget about the journey and strictly focus on the end goal. We need to learn how to be present, in the now!

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