Channeling My MOOD with American Eagle

How many times have you found yourself in “go mode” without a minute to rest, reset and set aside time for yourself? How many times have you placed self care on the back burner — thinking that if you’re not in “grind mode” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week then you’re not really working towards your goals and dreams?

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Life Update: What’s New with Me

Well, guys it sure has been awhile huh? I’ll be honest and say that I haven’t been as excited about writing and blogging in some time. Then over this past week that all changed. I took a look at the content calendar I created, and all the post ideas I had in mind and my whole mindset shifted (in a good way). I’m ready to kick things back into high gear, but first I wanted to let you guys in on what’s been up with me these last few months.

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Why You Should Check on Your Strong Friends

Hi loves! It’s been awhile, but I promise I’ll explain in another post. Today, I wanted to chat about a topic that’s near and dear to my heart – simply because I feel like it’s not done enough. Of course you see all of the memes and tweets about how important it is to check on your strong friends, but does that lead you to actually do it? Even for me, I feel like I’m always so into helping others and checking in, that I forget that someone needs to do the same for me. So if you have a strong friend who you’re always going to for advice, but forgetting to check with them on their needs, this post is for you. Keep reading for my tips on how you can check on your strong friends and let them know you care about what they might be going through in secret.

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The Female Millennial: Feedspot’s Top 20 Millennial Audio Podcasts in 2019

YOU GUYS! Writing this blog post because I have a special announcement to make! A few week’s ago my podcast The Female Millennial was named Feedspot’s “Top 20 Millennial Audio Podcasts & Radio You Must Subscribe and Listen to in 2019.

I’m literally so honored, and wasn’t expecting this at all. I started my podcast almost a year ago (July 2018), and I can’t believe how much it’s grown since. I know it will continue to grow and reach more millennial women who resonate with the topics that I chat about – which makes me so happy.

Thank you all for all of your endless support, and special thanks to Feedspot for recognizing The Female Millennial.

Millennial Podcasts

Check out the post here.

Be sure to stay connected with my podcast here.

Chat soon!

xo, B

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How To Re-Engage With Your Audience on Instagram

So, there’s always this question right – about how you can grow your social media channels. Everyone wants the huge numbers, but there aren’t many people who want to work for it. Everyone wants people to “like” and “engage” with their content, but the truth is those same people aren’t “liking” and “engaging” with other peoples content. I learned about a year and a half ago that in order to build an audience that, well, for lack of better words, LIKES YOU then you have to chat with them – make a connection. If you want to know to you can re-engage with your audience, and build a better connection then keep reading!

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What It’s REALLY Like To Be An Influencer

Gosh, I’ve been trying to put off writing this blog post, mostly because every time I see someone write about it they only seem to give the watered down version of it. People assume that being an “Influencer” is this fairytale that seems perfect. Well, it’s not and there’s so much that comes with it besides that usual stories that you probably hear. I’m sure you’ve heard about how it’s harder than it looks, and how there’s so much work that goes into it besides the glitz and glam you see on social media. I’m sure you’ve heard about how some opportunities aren’t paid, and how even when they are it’s not a ton of money like you think. I want to tell you a little bit more than that though if you’re willing to keep reading.

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My Top 5 Key Goals For 2019

Wow, is it me or does it feel like I just wrote out my goals for 2018 yesterday? I mean this year truly flew by, and I took the time out to reflect on all of the accomplishments I had as well as some things that I still need to work on. Can you believe that we’ll be entering 2019 in two days? Are you ready? Well, I know I am SO ready that I’ve prepared my top 5 goals for the new year that I wanted to share with you all!

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20 Cute New York Cafes For Freelancers + Influencers

As a professional cafe connoisseur, I was so excited when I was given the opportunity to work with Google Maps and Local Guides to show you all my favorite locations in New York! I’ve been living in NY for almost 3 years now, and it’s so insane the number of cafes that I’ve went to for a coffee or matcha, to meet up with friends, to get work done or to even shoot at for a blog post. Either way, these cafes have become a second office to me, and I’m sure it’s the same for other bloggers and freelancers who are constantly looking for places in the city that just has such a cozy environment – making it so easy to get work done there.

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Just Brew It: Life Happens, Coffee Helps

We finally made it to Friday loves! If you were wondering, this is how my days usually go: Wake up around 6:45am/7am, rush through my closet for something to wear, hop in the shower, brush my teeth then run out the door grabbing everything I’ll need for the day. Yeah, it’s pretty much a world wind in the mornings – and let’s not add in the days where I’m up at 6am because I need to record a podcast or schedule a newsletter. Life has been so hectic these days guys, and I’m always waking up wondering how I’m going to survive the day – but after a cup of something warm (whether that be a coffee, espresso, matcha, etc) I feel 100% ready to tackle anything that is thrown at me.

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