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It’s Monday, which means the weekend is over and now we’re back to business! When it comes to my lifestyle and my business, I’m starting to realize that simplicity is definitely a key essential in both. What really made me think about this was creating my new business cards with Carda & Co. If you aren’t familiar with them, they are a¬†high-end paper and luxury personalized stationery company.

Receiving my new business cards from Carda & Co, along with new stationary for HerStyle Media was exactly what I needed to take my brand to the next level – with simplicity of course. In our society today, we tend to think that the loudest and most dramatic elements are what we need, when in actually the smallest details make the most noise. You can make an impression just by enhancing the minimal details of your brand. Check out my top tips on how to draw attention to your brand with the minimal details to really make an impression with your audience.

Enhance your look

Work with a company like Carda & Co to help enhance your brands look with your business cards and your stationary. When you’re networking, the next step is exchanging information. Let your business cards help you do the talking.

Strengthen your brand’s impression

First impressions are important, right? In order to make sure you’re doing this, Forbes says to “offer clear branding from one spot to the next to the next to the next so that customers can recognize your business consistently and easily while also leaving them a strong, memorable impression.”

Create original content

When your branding is original, you stand out more. Original content helps with a few elements, including:

  • Generating more search engine results for your brand
  • Offering a connection between consumers and your brand
  • Delivering valuable information in a unique was
  • Strengthening overall brand awareness

I hope you’re able to think about these elements when working on your brand impression! Be sure to look into the first step, which is enhancing your look with Carda & Co. You won’t be disappointed!

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