Androgynously Yours [facing your fears]

This weekend I really put my fears aside, and ventured out into the city alone. Now, I love doing things alone. I’m the type of person who enjoys spending time by myself and being able to work on/do things that I love. But I will say that this was my first weekend going to an event in the city by myself without my roommate(s). I survived, and I realized that there are some things you’re going to have to do alone. You shouldn’t be scared to take the risk. It’s all about character building and getting to know yourself.

Well, I found my way to the Aaliyah Jay Meet and Greet in Harlem, NY! She held a back-to-school event for all of her supporters at the The Vanity Box Boutique.

Making A Way

For my outfit of the day, I kept it really simple, but it was also androgynous in a way with the long striped button up. If you know me, then you know how much I love my stripes! I just can’t seem to part ways with them. I feel like stripes are the only sane pattern left out there, ya know?

Anyway, accessory-wise, I wore these clear-framed sunglasses that I got from a random stand in Soho, and my suede choker from AKIRA. I did a really simple makeup look, with a brown liner and mauve lip color from YSL (Rouge Volupte). I’m obsessed with Earth tones and mauve-ish colors, so this is always my go-to look, and to be completely honest, tackling the whole eye shadow thing isn’t on my to-do list (laughs).

Sidenote: Ladies, never let anyone make you feel bad for keeping things simple! Step out of your comfort zone at your own pace. Everyone is different.

Venture Out



For clothing, I got my button up from H&M, and my shorts (that you can barely see) from Urban Outfitters. I featured my sandals in a previous post, but these are from H&M as well. Absolutely love the espadrille look; it’s become my favorite. My purse is from Dooney & Burke. I rarely get to carry it, so I thought I should throw it in the mix to bring out some pop of color!



My challenge to you: Go out and enjoy something by yourself! You never know what you might find or who you might meet. There’s so much in the world to explore, but you’ll never see it unless you take a chance. You might even shock yourself! And when you do, let me know! Comment below and share how you shocked yourself by something exciting and fun you did. I love hearing and sharing positive vibes!


“The biggest risk is not taking any risks…In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks…” – Mark Zuckerberg 


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