A Day in the Life of a Beauty Marketing Assistant

Hi lovelies! Happy Sunday. I’m always getting questions on what it’s like to work in the beauty industry as a marketing assistant, so I though it would be great to chat about this in a blog post. In general, no one day is the same. I work for a membership beauty organization that has about 25 events a year, so there’s always plenty to do! From working with designers for the next event promotion campaign to working with our PR team on key strategies, I’m a bit of a busy bee during the week. Not to mention having to attend our events and manage the social media and PR aspect of it as well. Keep reading for a run-down of how my days usually go.

7am – I usually try to wake up for work during this time, but if there’s an event happening at work this day the time might be earlier. I wake myself up by grabbing my robe and my towel to head in the shower. I’m trying this new thing where I have my clothes for the week picked out on Sunday’s, so finding something to wear hasn’t been a struggle. If I can I browse through my emails, social media accounts and check the blog to see of any recent activity.

8:15am – By this time I’m usually out of the door headed to the train. It only takes about 25-30 minutes for me to get to work, which is a dream for me. During my train ride I’m most likely planning out my Instagram feed with new content, brainstorming new topics to discuss, and thinking of new business ventures. Oh, and I’m usually thinking of what my priorities are in the office that day.

9am – Work, work and more work. I hit my desk and drop all my things to run to the kitchen and make breakfast. In the mornings I have to get my coffee and oatmeal. It’s definitely become a routine for me! Sometimes I hang in the kitchen to chat with co-workers, but if I’m super packed that morning I head back to my desk to get my day started.

9:30am – MEETINGS

12pm – LUNCH or miscellaneous errand runs.

1pm – My lunch break is an hour long, so around this time I’m back at my desk. If I have a few minutes to spare, I just do a quick scroll through social media to see what’s going on. I also use this time to check in with my boyfriend to see how his day is going. Our work schedules are pretty different, so around this time he’s usually preparing to end his work day around 2pm.

1:30pm – The rest of my day is filled with a lot of marketing promotions that surround our events. I’m either planning out our email promotions calendar or managing our social media accounts. No one day is the same, which is what I love. I could be creating something on InDesign, and I could also be strategizing for our 2018 events. There are a ton of things that always need to be done, and somehow in these 8 hours I manage to accomplish them!

3:30pm – I’m trying to get in the habit of making tea around this time. During my tea time, I take a mental break and catch up on beauty news by reading industry related articles.

4pm – Around this time I’m circling back through my day to see what still needs to get done. As I’m finishing up pending tasks, I try to think of what I could make for dinner. I’m also answering emails, and checking to see what my schedule looks like for the next work day.

5pm – TIME TO GO, unless I decide to stay later to work on a few things!

What are your days usually like? Comment below!

Have a great week beauties, xo.

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