8 Ways To Treat Yourself After A Long Work Week

So, it’s Friday, and you’re just happy that you survived the overly stressful and long work week, right? Although you’re on a budget you feel like you deserve a prize after the amount of work you just accomplished. Well, trust me when I say that I’ve mastered how to “treat” myself when I feel like I’ve succeeded and made it through the work week! Keep reading for the eight things you can do to make sure your weekend is extra special to celebrate yourself.

  1. Massage/Facial – there are so many deals on Groupon right now for massages and facials, it’s insane and super inexpensive. Do your research, and book an appointment! Nothing screams relaxation like a day of pampering yourself.
  2. WINE, WINE and more WINE – After a long work week, having a glass of wine and chilling on my couch just makes me feel at ease. To make it worth my while, I started to elevate my wine choices a bit to feel fancier and deserving! Sometimes you just need to go for the $15 bottle of wine rather than the $9.99, girl.
  3. Cute treats that make you feel like you’re in another country – Last Friday, I stopped at this cute bakery in Columbus Circle and picked up some fun macaroons. I truly felt like I was in Paris, instead of being in the heart of NYC.
  4. Fresh flowers – Flowers can really brighten up your day and your living space. I’ve had an orchid on my desk at work, and I feel so much joy looking at it every day.
  5. A Fun night with the girls – Sometimes when you’re working hard at the office, on the weekends you just want to spend time to yourself and relax. Doing that makes us miss out on those fun nights with our girlfriends. Hit up your girls, and take on the town. That might be the stress reliever you’ve been missing!
  6. Shopping for the item you’ve been eying for weeks – Saving money is always on the top of my list, but there are times when you just want to make a fun purchase that makes you feel good! I recently did this when I purchased a cute pair of loafers. It just felt well deserved.
  7. Mani/Pedi – Once again, make Groupon your BFF for this!
  8. Yoga class – There are so many great yoga classes on Eventbrite. Do your research, and find one that fits your needs. Nothing like detoxing stress with a nice workout.


What do you like to do to relieve stress? Comment below! Xo

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