7 Skincare Tips To Take Into 2018

Hello beauties! With the new year sneaking up on us, and me experiencing some unnecessary break-outs I felt a skincare tip roundup was needed. Traveling really takes a toll on my skin, and it’s crazy because I didn’t notice it until maybe last year. The flight really dries out my skin, causing the most annoying breakouts ever. What’s worse is that I’m not even the type of person who experiences many breakouts (thankfully), but I have experienced enough to know what the do’s and don’ts are when trying to enhance your skincare routine! Keep reading for my top 7 tips that you absolutely need and should take into 2018.

  1. Get rid of your terrible diet – Wow, when I went home I ate so bad, it was insane. I mean terrible, and I think that my skin really reacted to this because I eat pretty healthy on the regular. I know you all have heard it time and time again, but what you’re putting into your body truly does effect the outer parts of you. First step in taking care of your skin is making sure you’re paying attention to the foods you’re consuming.
  2. Clean your dirty makeup brushes – I fall guilty with not doing this very often, but think about it. So much old product is on those brushes, along with dead skin cells. Clean the brushes sis. You’ll feel better and your skin will thank you.
  3. Clean your dirty sheets and pillowcases – Don’t lay in dirtiness. This is basically the same as having dirty makeup brushes EXCEPT you have oils from your hair damaging your skin as well. You should change your sheets/pillowcases at least once every two weeks. Also, invest in a silk/satin pillow case. Not only does it help your hair, but it helps your skin as well.
  4. Wash your hands before washing your face – This is an easy one to do, but a hard one to remember. Sometimes we just want to go right into our skincare routine, but sis you have to wash those hands first. Cleanse your hands before you cleanse your face!
  5. Pay attention to the label – We look on YouTube or at our favorite beauty gurus and want to use all of the products that they’re using, but is it right for your skin? Pay attention to the labels and how your skin reacts to certain products. There was this one time I was so excited to try this Soap and Glory face wash, only to find out that it irritated my skin. Do your research.
  6. Decrease the soda/juice intake and increase the water – It’s no doubt that water plays a huge role in not only healthier skin, but a healthier YOU. Challenge yourself to drink more water during the day and I’m sure you’ll feel yourself glowing.
  7. Decrease the stress and overthinking and increase the sleep & positive vibes – When you treat your body right, it shows. Stop stressing over the things you can’t change and go to sleep, girl. When you exude positive vibes you look and feel great!


What are some of your skincare tips? Comment below!

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