3 Ways To Help Your Work Day Go By Faster

With this being the week of Thanksgiving, the office is pretty dead. Having a quiet office definitely feels nice when you have a lot of work to catch up on, but sometimes you have those down periods where you’re trying to think of things to do to speed up your work day.Trust me girl, I’m right there with you! You don’t want to feel like you’re being unproductive, so of course you want to do something that is equally stimulating. Keep reading for my top 3 things that help my days fly by!

Listening to podcasts

I absolutely love when I’m working, and I decide to turn on a motivating podcast to listen to. This helps me avoid looking at the time and really get into my work and the takeaways from the podcast. My favorite ones tend to be able blogging, entrepreneurs or anything inspirational. Comment below if you would like me to do a separate posts on my favorite podcasts!

Reading industry articles

I love learning about what’s happening in the beauty and fashion industry. I even tend to read the latest on my favorite bloggers and Youtubers, too! Just being aware of what’s going on, while killing time is definitely a great way to make your day go by faster. Find out what you’re interested in learning about that day. Research it! Read something that you can learn from.

Organizing my inbox

Wow. You don’t understand how helpful it is for me to take a few minutes during my down time to organize my emails. I have over 11k emails, so it’s definitely great for me to take the time to delete and unsubscribe from things that I don’t tend to look at. De-cluttering feels great, and I certainly feel accomplished after I complete a few hundred emails.

What helps you work day go by faster? Comment below!

xo, Britney

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