5 Ways To Stop Doubting & Comparing Yourself To Others

Hi loves! Hope your Sunday is off to an amazing start. I was just sitting back last night thinking about how easy the world has made it to become so obsessed about another persons life that you start to compare it to your own. You start to think about your own journey – why it might be taking you so long to get to where you want to be, and why it seems like this other person is living the dream. Well, stop. Here’s five reasons why today should be the last day you doubt yourself and compare your journey to others around you.

I know, it’s not easy right? I mean, it never really is. Sometimes you doubt yourself and you’re completely unaware that you’re doing it. Subconscious actions can really hurt you the most. I found myself doing this a lot. Thinking about where others were in their lives, and how I can be where they are. It didn’t help me at all. All it did was make me more competitive when it was never a race.

Don’t rush the path that God has provided for you. Although things might seem like they’re taking longer to unfold, be patient. Trust the process.

Once I started to trust the process, things started to fall into place for me – and I just felt 5x more happier about living in the moments of my journey, rather than the unknowings of my future.

Here’s how I did it:

  1. I fueled all of my energy into my work. My thought pattern wasn’t “why am I not where I want to be yet” anymore. It became “why am I complaining about not being where I want to be instead of taking action”. Put the pressure on yourself. Pressure makes diamonds – and you never know how many gems you can make when you focus on your own doings instead of the doings of others.
  2. I stopped praising the lives of others. You don’t know what it took for that person to be where they are today. Comparing journeys just doesn’t work. Everyone has their own unique path, and you can’t assume that the person you’re comparing your journey to, wasn’t in the same spot you were in at one point.
  3. I became happy for others, genuinely happy. When you shield lights of happiness onto others, light will be given to you. It is when you are filled with jealously and self-doubt that things seem darker than they really are.
  4. I started to read self-help books. I’m going to do a book review on a few that I recommend in another post, but do your research. Even if it’s not a book, listen to things that inspire and uplift you. If you fill yourself with positive energy, you will exude positive energy. It all starts from within.
  5. I stopped being afraid to be my own person. Most of the times when we doubt ourselves and our capabilities to succeed it’s because we don’t fully know ourselves. Take time to get to know YOU, instead of becoming so consumed in the lives of others. When we do that, nothing can stop us.

What helps you stop doubting yourself and comparing your journey to others? Please share below! You never know who you might help or inspire.

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Have a great week guys! xo

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  1. You are so right! Your post was so in line with the message at church (on the same day you posted). Keep bringing us positive post. I enjoy reading EVERY one of them.

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