4 Ways To Increase Your Productivity

Life gets busy (often), so it’s up to us to do a few things – constantly stay organized and keep ourselves motivated and inspired to keep it going! There are times when we need pick me ups to get ourselves together and makes sure that we are being productive in our day-to-day lives. Lucky for you, I’m here to share four ways you can increase your productivity to ensure that you are making the most out of your days.


I can’t stress enough how much the night before affects your productivity for the next day. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself, and that you are really focusing on self-care the night before. This can mean: planning for the next day or even the week, meal prepping, catching up with friends – anything that makes you feel like you’re getting your life together.


I struggle with this too, but you’ve got to wake up on time. When you don’t wake up, you’ll find yourself rushing out the door and not feeling fully prepared for the day – you don’t want that do you? Get up, and get yourself together girl. Don’t be overly ambition though. If you’re used to waking up at 7am, don’t just set a goal for a 5am wake up time. Start gradually. Aim for 6:30am, then work your way up to 5am (eventually).


Try to get active in the mornings to boost your mood. Whether this means working out or getting some work done – get going and make the most of your time. For me, the mornings are when I get a few blog things done before I head to my 9-5 job. This time is important for me, because the chances are that I’ll be tired to work on much by the time I get home for the day. Maximize your time while you can.


My most favorite things to do during the day to ensure I’m being productive is to listen to a few of my favorite podcasts. You can catch me listening to GirlBoss Radio, Joel Osteen, The Mattie James Show, etc to get me through the day. Listening to things that inspire and motivate me are huge, because it often is the boost I need.

What helps you to remain productive throughout the day? Comment below!

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