4 Signs You’re Becoming An Adult (for real)

Hi beauties! I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve talked with you all, but there have been a few topics on my mind lately, with this being one of them. Now being in my mid-20’s, I feel like I’m able to distinguish the habits that I have acquired that show me that I’m moving and growing in the right direction. Of course, my habits might differ from yours, but I think that it’s important to be able to identify these things and give yourself a pat on the back for becoming this wonderful human being who’s constantly learning and enhancing themselves each day. Here are the top four signs I found that reassured me that I’m becoming a real life adult.

Less irrational thinking

Yes, the days of me just blowing my money on unnecessary things or just partying whenever I wanted to are over. Don’t get it twisted, ya girl still has fun – but I don’t do it irrationally. MEANING…if I know I have a ton of bills coming up I will most certainly prioritize those over wanting to have several drinks with my friends. When you’ve found the key to self-control and know how to limit yourself – you’re becoming an adult. I think that many times people feel that rational thinking means you’re “boring”. No – rational thinking means that you’re taking steps towards what’s really important, while maintaining financial stability and avoiding stressful nights of wondering how you’ll pay your bills.

What people think worry you less and less

I used to think that if I didn’t hang out or talk to my friends all the time that our friendship would die out, and it would be my fault. While friendships die out all of the time, it’s important to know that the friends who have stuck with you day in and day out are your real day ones anyway! The truth is, as we get older we become more consumed with LIFE. Yes, life. Working, going to the gym, blogging, and date nights with your boyfriend…it’s easy to get wrapped up into those everyday things. But guess what, my friends are just as busy as I am, and when we do finally have time to meet up or chat on the phone you can expect us to be catching up for HOURS. How can we maintain our friendship when we haven’t talked in weeks? Because they matter and they don’t mind the hectic schedule, because they understand. Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind! So don’t worry about those friends who make you feel like less of a friend for being an adult. They aren’t your real friends.


Understanding your body

This has been a huge one for me. For the first time I know myself (in and out), meaning that I’ve paid attention to the signs that my body gave me and took action. If my body feels emotionally and physically drained, I know I need more sleep, more water and more time to myself. If my body feels overwhelmed, I know I need to hone in more on my craft to remind myself what I’m really working towards. And sometimes girl, you just need to take your vitamins! Pay attention and learn how to understand your body. This was truly how I knew I was becoming an adult. I started to turn my direction to the things that mattered most – my body and my health, making sure that those remained in great condition.


Taking time for self-care & self-love

This kind of goes along with my last one, paying attention and understanding your body. Self-care and self-love are two things that everyone wants to do more of, but are you really succeeding at it? Making time for these things will definitely boost your happiness. It can be small things too, like reading your favorite book, taking a nice bubble bath or making sure you carve out time to work on your blog. Making time to care for YOU and put yourself first is super important. When you feel good within, that’s when you are able to let your positive light reflect onto others. You’re not only helping yourself, but you’re helping your relationship with others as well, little do you know.


What signs of adulthood have you felt? Comment below!

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Have a great week guys! xo

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