20 Cute New York Cafes For Freelancers + Influencers

As a professional cafe connoisseur, I was so excited when I was given the opportunity to work with Google Maps and Local Guides to show you all my favorite locations in New York! I’ve been living in NY for almost 3 years now, and it’s so insane the number of cafes that I’ve went to for a coffee or matcha, to meet up with friends, to get work done or to even shoot at for a blog post. Either way, these cafes have become a second office to me, and I’m sure it’s the same for other bloggers and freelancers who are constantly looking for places in the city that just has such a cozy environment – making it so easy to get work done there.

If you’re a freelancer or blogger (or just visiting NY and want to find a cute cafe to chill in), click here to access my list with all of my favorite places to date. After creating this list, I realized how helpful it is to have all of my favorite places on the Google Maps app for me to refer back to whenever I’m on the go. Being a Google Local Guide just made so much sense because I’m always so excited to share new things with you guys, and if you decide to become one then you can do that same!

My cafe list includes places like: Lively Brooklyn, Urban Backyard, Dr Smood, Greecologies, Milk & Roses and more!

Click here to access the full list.


What are your favorite restaurants and cafes to visit in the city? Comment below!

Photographer: Crystal Cox | @TheMusingEye

themusinglens.com // Location: New York




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